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  • Connect with trading partners
  • Get important information and data
  • Complete your trade in a breeze
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About agra2b

Agra2b digitizes, analyzes and simplifies your agricultural trade. The trading system supports you in communication, administration and settlement with your suppliers and customers in order to sustainably increase your success.

Simplify your communication and increase your outcome

Improve the exchange of information with all your trading partners to extend the reach of your trade. Manage your network of suppliers and customers in seconds. Your network will be notified automatically about all activity, so you complete your trades more effectively.

Gain more transparency

Always keep track of important trade data such as requested and offered products, delivery and payment terms or deadlines. Your trading system provides you with real-time information on listings, alternative offers, prices or decisions, you are always up to date.

Improve your processes and collect data

Agra2b provides comprehensive automation and documentation to gain deeper insights into processes and performance of your trades. Thanks to the reliable report on your prices, traded products and decisions of your trading partners, you will discover your optimization potential guaranteed.

Your advantages

  • Minimize errors in deliveries and invoicing
  • Organize your trade in a matter of seconds, regardless of time and place
  • Compare requests and offers at lightning speed
  • Get information and prices in real time
  • Keep an eye on your trade with the help of automatic documentation
  • Reach all your desired trading partners with one move



  • Submitting bids
  • Managing delivery and billing addresses
  • Create your own network
  • Rate trading partners
  • Invite trading partners via E-Mail/WhatsApp
  • Notifications about product groups of interest
  • Documentation about submitted bids
  • Delivery-, weighing note/invoice upload
  • Limit prices
  • Offer alternative products


Contains all functions of the basic account as well as the following functions:
  • Enter requests and offers
  • Create own products
  • Specify method of payment
  • Create drafts of requests and offers
  • Documentation of all activities
  • Get listed as a trading partner on the homepage 2
  • Enter products in the agra2b database 2
  • Get recommended as a contact on the homepage and the trading system 3
  • List recommended products 3

1 - With annual subscription (annual payment), with monthly subscription 9,99€/Month.

2 - On demand

3 - Available as an option

Einblick in die Software

Your trading system offers the right solution for every agricultural purchase and sale, which supports you in advancing your trade.

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Any more questions?

  • Is the trading system of agra2b another market place?

    No, the trading system of agra2b is a network platform for organizing and securely processing your purchases and sales with your familiar buyers and suppliers. In doing so, requests and offers can be directed towards your entire network or towards individual trading partners. In addition, requests and offers can be made to all users of agra2b, in order to find new trading partners for your network.

  • Does agra2b add extra costs to submitted bids?

    No. As an independent technology company, we have dedicated ourselves to the digitalization in agriculture, with the goal to sustainably improve the profitability of farmers. We have no influence on the submitted bids, nor do we distort them with extra costs.

  • Which product groups are traded?

    In general, there are no limits regarding the products. But in order to specialize, agra2b is currently focusing on operating materials, such as feed, seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers, as well as energy sources (diesel, heating oil, etc.), animal hygiene, stable hygiene, electricity, and payroll services. Besides grains, animals, and nutrients, other agricultural products can also be sold. In your trading system, you can determine, for which of these product groups you would like to receive requests and offers.

  • Who raises the invoice and what are the terms of payment?

    As usual, invoicing takes place directly with your buyers and suppliers under the conditions agreed upon. If you gain new buyers or suppliers through the trading system, you can determine your individual payment terms with each new inquiry or offer beforehand.

  • Who can see my submitted prices?

    Only the farmer who created the request or the offer can see the prices submitted by you. No other user is able to view your prices.

  • Why do I see few requests and offers?

    Agra2b's trading system is a network platform. Users decide whether their transactions should only be visible to the personal network or to all users of agra2b. If you want to exploit the full potential of your trading system, build the largest possible network and invite your trading partners to join your network.

  • How do I add my personal contacts to agra2b?

    Simply invite your known trading partners via e-mail or directly from your WhatsApp contact list to join your network on agra2b. You are automatically linked and ready to trade. In addition to inviting your contacts directly, you have the opportunity to search for new contacts on your trading system.

  • What happens with my personal data?

    We save your personal data according to the current data protection guidelines in Germany and treat it absolutely confidentially. You can view the data protection guidelines in your trading system at any time.