Agricultural purchasing and selling
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Make the most of your trade: less effort, better result.

Your trading system by agra2b helps you purchase your operating materials and sell grains, animals or nutrients. Reach your existing and new trading partners via one channel, reliably and easily. Take care of your trade comfortably on the go, regardless of business hours.

Less work when trading

Place your purchase and sale in the trading system and receive prices from buyers or suppliers. Then select the one that suits you - done!

Trade with new or familiar partners

Create your own network of familiar buyers and suppliers or trade with all users of agra2b. You decide who your trading partners are.

Be independent of a place and time

Directly reach all desired trading partners, regardless of the time, and organize your trade, where and when it is convenient for you.

Protect yourself

All information and prices at a glance. Directly conclude a legal contract and your trade is securely done.

Improve your sales with minimal effort

Your Trading system will do the job for you: from placing offer, getting prices to inform your trading partner about your decision. In just a few minutes, you will be able to sell your products safely.

1. Sign up

Register and immediately gain access to your trading system immediately.

2. First steps

Complete your information.

3. Start

That's it already, you can start trading immediately.


  • Enter requests and offers
  • Create own products
  • Specify method of payment
  • Sales commission on a sale 0,25%
  • Purchasing Free
  • Submitting bids
  • Managing delivery and billing addresses
  • Create your own network


  • Enter requests and offers
  • Create own products
  • Specify method of payment
  • Sales commission on a sale 0,25%
  • Purchasing Free
  • Submitting bids
  • Managing delivery and billing addresses
  • Create your own network
  • Is agra2b just another agricultural dealer?

    No, agra2b is not an agricultural dealer. We are a technology company and focus on the digitalization of purchasing and selling in agriculture. In doing so, we directly connect the farmers with their buyers and suppliers. You profit from customized requests, offers, from transparency and the control over your trade.

  • Is the trading system of agra2b another market place?

    No, the trading system of agra2b is a network platform for organizing and securely processing your purchases and sales with your familiar buyers and suppliers. In doing so, requests and offers can be directed towards your entire network or towards individual trading partners. In addition, requests and offers can be made to all users of agra2b, in order to find new trading partners for your network.

  • Which buyers and suppliers are part of agra2b?

    Apart from the possibility of inviting each one of your buyers and suppliers to your network, there is the option to look for certain trading partners among the registered users of agra2b. In addition, you profit from the continuously growing portfolio of regionally and supra-regionally operating buyers and suppliers.

  • Can I achieve a better price with the trading system?

    The trading system serves secure purchases and sales and a fast gathering of prices. In addition, buyers and suppliers have the possibility of submitting alternative bids with different conditions, which can positively influence the price. You get an overview and can ensure that you are making the best decision.

  • Who raises the invoice and what are the terms of payment?

    As usual, invoicing takes place directly with your buyers and suppliers under the conditions agreed upon. If you gain new buyers or suppliers through the trading system, you can determine your individual payment terms with each new inquiry or offer beforehand.

  • Which product groups are traded?

    In general, there are no limits regarding the products. But in order to specialize, agra2b is currently focusing on operating materials, such as feed, seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers, as well as energy sources (diesel, heating oil, etc.), animal hygiene, stable hygiene, electricity, and payroll services. Besides grains, animals, and nutrients, other agricultural products can also be sold.

  • Does agra2b add extra costs to submitted bids?

    No. As an independent technology company, we have dedicated ourselves to the digitalization in agriculture, with the goal to sustainably improve the profitability of farmers. We have no influence on the submitted bids, nor do we distort them with extra costs.

  • What happens with my personal data?

    We save your personal data according to the current data protection guidelines in Germany and treat it absolutely confidentially. You can view the data protection guidelines in your trading system at any time.